Exterior Stucco Toronto

Many subdivisions offer a variety of cookie cutter homes, all covered in vinyl siding, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are other options available that can add an entirely unique look that is green friendly, requires minimal maintenance and best of all, is budget friendly to maintain. Exterior Stucco Toronto gives customers and perspective customers a whole new look to consider when it comes to the outside or the inside of their home.

Changing discolored bricks or a dingy looking vinyl siding to stucco will make it is easy to maintain, but the initial process must be done correctly, else the work will never hold up. This is where Exterior Stucco Toronto comes in. Our teams of professional stucco contractors know how to expertly mix the proper amount of ingredients, along with any color additives. Once the mixture is ready, your home or building becomes the canvas, on which our team will symbolically paint, with a trowel, the pattern you desire. One the stucco is set, you will become the envy of your neighbors or business associates.

Stucco is not a new process, in fact, Persian stucco architecture dates pre 750 and the more widely recognized, Abbasid architecture, developed between 750 and 945. The ancient art of stucco was then passed on through Iran, Egypt, Spain, Italy and Greece, each creating distinctive and unique stucco styles. Ironically, many examples of ancient stucco architecture are still standing today, such as Rome, Pompeii and some of the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Exterior Stucco Toronto has taken the ancient art perfected it, in our modern day and age, while maintaining the traditional art and precision of the craft.
During the application, stucco appears almost like old paint, thick and grainy in appearance. This is because it is a precise blend of cement, sand and water, which Exterior Stucco Toronto has perfected. Sloppy contractors can use to much or too little of one or more ingredients, causing the stucco mixture to run or clump up and spread unevenly.

The beauty of stucco is that when mixed and applied correctly, it can easily insulate the home and help put a dent in utility bills. This is especially good in warmer climates. Stucco is a non-reflective surface, thus it keeps things cooler than the average home. The versatile look works well with any type of architecture, including Cape Cod, Country, Acadian, Contemporary, Cottage, Beach, Carriage and European styles.

Exterior Stucco Toronto offers clients and perspective clients a skilled team of stucco professionals with over twenty five years of experience, all fully licensed and insured. We are licensed both with the City of Toronto license #T85-4073562 and the Interior Renovation Work Trade License # B22193. Our team is highly specialized in the repair, renovation and replacement of most stucco and plaster style textures both interior and exterior.

Going for a change in the look of the home or office building, consider improving utility bills and energy conservation by utilizing a stucco design. The knowledgeable staff at Exterior Stucco Toronto is available to answer questions, create a plan and determine if getting stuck on stucco fits your needs.

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